• Personal Intelligent Security System
    Will make your and your
    dear ones lives safe
    Epee Defender
    120 dB Siren Sound Effect
    GPS SOS Signal
    Automatic Emergency Call
    How it Works

1. Siren Sound Effect

Emits an unexpected sound signal, with a 120dB intensity, which is equivalent to a train whistle. A sound of such intensity will for sure frighten off the source of danger and will draw the attention of people around.

Before a run-through, we insist that you lower the volume of your speakers!

  • 2. SOS Signal

    Sends an SMS with an SOS signal to several
    mobile phone numbers, with a link to the
    Epee Radar map and the incident coordinates.

You can simulate a conventional SOS signal, which
Epee Defender generates in the case of an incident.

* This SOS signal is created exclusively for demonstration purposes and is not genuine!

3. Emergency Call

GSM Quad Band

Makes a call to a programmed number

If you need help

  • Does not need
    a recharge
    for 365 days!

  • No Apps

    Just take epee
    and pull out
    the safety pin!
  • Works when
    you need it